Leashes are a London-nurtured formation born in the city in 2013 with an idea to create music as heavy as eyelids of a man too tired to look for hope, and as dark and unsettling as an empty street of a ghetto in the middle of the night, but most importantly full of pure and raw emotion. An adrenalin injection made of despair, angst, anger, and thirst for freedom.


Initially a 3-piece, they became a 4-piece band by the end of 2015 and played a number of gigs in different clubs around London. Leashes have released their debut self-titled album on 18th of November featuring new tracks and remastered versions of songs Drowning and Distort, videos for which have already gained them considerable fanbase.


“Seeing this band live … will confront you with something you left in your subconscious. It’s lucid and it’s seamless, coupled with thought provoking lyrics, catchy melodies, palatable basslines and heavy guitar riffs.”
Shove It Magazine

Mother Superior



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Live performance